Would You Rock This Throwback Legging Trend?

Would You Rock This Throwback Legging Trend?

Leggings are nothing new to the fashion world. Both cowboys and Native Americans rocked them way back when, but the kind we're more familiar with came to be during the flower power days of the '60s. Can you believe we're still wearing them in the same way; with a large belt and flats? Anyways, leggings have gone through so many evolutions. With that in the '80s came the stirrup kind and because history always has a way or repeating itself - they're back and better than before.

During the early days of the stirrup craze, they were a bit uncomfortable. That piece of material around the foot that often bunched up. But hey, it was fashionable and what little girl wanted to be seen without the latest trend? None. So they wore them more often than not - either as straight up pants, or they classed them up and paired them with a cute dress ensemble. Also, stirrups with some Jelly shoes; work it girl, work it. Nevertheless, it was one of the looks that clearly represented the '80s and '90s.

Of course that means they were bound to make a comeback, and that they have. Only the stirrups women are rocking today look fresh! Some are wearing them in a way that sends out a nostalgic vibe, but a lot of women are actually utilizing them as active wear. Twisting and turning their bodies in the most incredible ways, all the while wearing these new stirrups that look chic AF. With a newer, sleeker model, the stirrup leggings of today are basically like the latest iPhones; so thin, so on our shopping list.

Fashion trends will always find a way to come back around, and when it comes to stirrup leggings - they've not only made their way back from the tubular days of the '80s but found a way to become modern enough to fit into today's landscape. Now they are both fashionable and functional as both an everyday piece, and an active wear necessity.

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