5 Ways To Practice Self-Love After Having Your Heart Broken

5 Ways To Practice Self-Love After Having Your Heart Broken

Breaking-up is hard. Unless your S.O. was a jackweed, then we're like 🙌. Amiright, ladies?! 

But most of the time, we're left feeling pretty crappy. All we can think about is that—now—we're alone. And there's nothing quite worse than being ALONE. If our guy cut the cord, then we feel unloved, rejected, and angry; all the while, sitting around over-analyzing every tiny detail. I call this 2-3 day period, the "Dump Slump." You might recognize the symptoms...

Every breakup is granted this "dump slump" grace period. We don't brush our hair, don't self-manicure, and we don't shave, because why do we need to—we're SINGLE! 

But when these three days are up, it's time to take our life back. The best way to do this is to practice self-love. We need to be kind to ourselves, while learning how to be happy again on our own. Practice these five self-love rituals post-breakup and in no time, you'll be saying, "What man?" 


Before anything else, wash off that "Dump Slump." Rejuvenate your body, and also your mind. Light candles, listen to music, do what helps you to relax. Forget the last few days because that isn't who you are anymore. Prepare yourself for a new beginning. 


And believe it. Be kind to yourself. Think about the person you were before you started dating that guy. How are you different now? Starting a self-love ritual can help to sort out these emotions. In the meantime, compliment and encourage yourself and tell all those negative thoughts to eff-off. 


Get rid of the things that harbor negative energy. This doesn't have to just be his things, donate or toss your own belongings that have emotional baggage. If your breakup was at least cordial, return everything he owns in a box to the left (thanks, Bey!). If not, then dispose of said items in a way that's therapeutic for you. *throws in trash*


Prove to yourself that you're still strong. Being single doesn't make you weak. Exercise offers an outlet to release any negative thoughts or energy that you have about yourself. Nutrition Stripped partnered with yoga teacher and author Kathryn Budig to offer readers a self-love movement sequence that will remind your body "how perfect and strong it is in every pose."


If all else fails, repeat this to yourself—I'm OK. And you are. Even though it might seem like everything sucks right now, you're going to be OK—you're gonna make it. When you realize this, and believe it, you can move on with the last phase of this self-love journey—being happy. 

Do the things that make you smile and laugh. These might be things that your EX didn't enjoy doing with you. Do them now—because who cares what anyone else thinks, especially him.

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