What Are Millennials Wearing Around the World? These Stunning Street Style Shots Will Show You

What Are Millennials Wearing Around the World? These Stunning Street Style Shots Will Show You
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Millennials catch a lot of flack for being entitled, lazy and spoiled. But there's one thing they've got down that doesn't give them a bad rap. Their style is on point big time. It doesn't matter where they live, what they do, or where they come from. Millennials are the ultimate trendsetters, and their unique fashion sense has earned them mad props. Check out these amazing street style outfits worn by millennials all over the world.


It's all about the Harajuku girl in Tokyo. Bright colors, fun prints and youthful pieces are what millennials can be found wearing in the Japanese city. 


On the streets of Copenhagen, you'll find millennials in oversized pieces like sweaters and coats. Most of the style is casual, which is why many looks, even those with skirts or dresses, include sneakers.


Flowy, feminine pieces that show some skin are what millennial women in Sydney are wearing. High slit skirts, off the shoulder tops and delicate heels are popular pieces you'll see.


If the city's style is any indication of its talents, Bangkok is full of artistically minded millennials. They rock bright colors, fun prints and put together whimsical outfits. You'll see mixed prints, and ensembles that combine dressy pieces with casual ones.


The lifestyle in Madrid is relaxed, beachy and fun. The street style is no different. Millennials don outfits that are casual but trendy, and there's no shortage of unique looks.


Milan millennials (should we call them "milannials?") like to have fun with their outfits while staying feminine and classy. Form fitting bottoms and loose tops are common, as well as trendy accessories with a vintage vibe.


Somewhere between comfortable and trendy are millennials walking the streets of Budapest. The style is laid back and practical, with a small dose of girly thrown in. 


Classic pieces that fit the season are what you'll see millennials wearing in Toronto. Versatile outerwear is often accompanied by colorful accessories in traditional prints.

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