This Barbie Beyonce Instagram Account Is Everything

This Barbie Beyonce Instagram Account Is Everything

As if Barbie wasn't already iconic enough, she is now playing one of the greatest roles of her long lifetime: that of the Queen, Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter. Lucky for us, Barbie (aka Tyren Red, the incredible creator of this page) is documenting the whole thing on her new Instagram account.

Cosplay may have never had a more spot-on participant than the one and only Barbie, who has taken to Instagram to show her love to all of our favorite everything, Queen Bey. Whether it be this ICONIC look from Lemonade's "Hold Up" visual (joyous, carefree, DGAF spark in her eye and all)...

...this incredible rendition of one of Beyonce's many looks from her "Formation" video...

...or recreating a casual shot of Bey supporting her sister Solange by purchasing a copy of A Seat At The Table...

...Barbie is really truly slaying these looks.

Tyren Redd, the mastermind behind this hilarious, amazing Instagram account, has outdone himself with these accurate, intricate portrayals of Beyonce via Barbie. Although there are only 26 posts on the account so far, Barbie's Bey looks have already racked up an impressive 16,000 followers and counting. We can't wait to see what look she'll try next. Redd even included a tiny Blue Ivy, showstopping tutu-tiara-and-hightops included!

While waiting to see what look Redd will create for his mini-Bey next, fans of @barbiebeyoncelife can see his collection of these looks and more by purchasing his "A Doll Life" calendar here.

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